How to craft the Legendary Trinket Conflux in Guild Wars 2

Hard work will pay off.

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The Ring, Conflux is a Legendary Trinket in Guild Wars 2. Like other Legendary items, Conflux provides top-tier stats to your character and the unique ability to change those stats as needed. Conflux is a ring that can be equipped, and once it has been, it will show an image of the Stonemist Castle, which can be found on the WvW map. Players who want to craft this item will need to participate in many WvW-based activities and gather various crafting materials. This guide will look at what you need to craft the Legendary Trinket Conflux in Guild Wars 2.

What you need to craft the Legendary Trinket Conflux in Guild Wars 2

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You’ll need to obtain most of the primary components in both PvE and WvW. Running with a Commander in the WvW maps will be much easier than solo-roaming as you’ll have safety in numbers. Having a large group will also assist you in completing WvW objectives.

ItemRequired Materials
Mystic Tribute2x Gifts of Condensed Might: 2x Gifts of Fangs, 2x Gifts of Claws, 2x Gifts of Bones.

2x Gifts of Condensed Magic: 2x Gifts of Blood, 2x Gifts of Venom, 2x Gifts of Totems, 2x Gifts of Dust.

77x Mystic Clovers: Can be crafted from Mystic Coins, Globs of Ectoplasm, Obsidian Shards, and Spirit Shards or earned from monthly logins, PvP, and WvW. Purchased from BUY-4373 or Zazzl.

250x Mystic Coins.
Gift of the World1x War Commendation: 1x Gift of Warfare – Mystic Essence of Strategy, Mystic Essence of Animosity, Mystic Essence of Carnage, Mystic Essence of Annihilation.

1x Emblem of the Conqueror – 100 Objectives captured in WvW.

1x Mist Pearl – Purchased from Legendary Commander War Razor.

1x Mist-Enhanced Mithril – Purchased from Legendary Commander War Razor.

1x Gift of the Mists – Gift of Glory, Gift of Battle, Gift of War, Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy.

1x Gift of War Dedication – 250x Memories of Battle, Glob of Condensed Spirit Energy,
Certificate of Heroics, Certificate of Honor purchased from Legendary Commander War Razor.

100x Icy Runestones – Purchased from Rojan the Penitent.
Gift of ConqueringLegendary Spike

4x Gifts of Battle from the Reward Track.

250x Memories of Battle

2x Vision Crystals
Mist BandPurchased from one of the following places:100x   Pristine Fractal Relic + 2  Integrated Fractal Matrix purchased from BUY-2046 PFR

200x Ascended Shard of Glory + 170   Shard of Glory purchased from Ascended Armor League Vendor

350x WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket + 250x   Memory of Battle purchased from Skirmish Supervisor
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Once you have obtained all of these items, you’ll need to head to Lion’s Arch and combine them in the Mystic Forge. If you haven’t got the necessary recipes, Miyani, who is the attendant of the Forge, will be able to provide you with them. The Icy Runestones will cost a total of 100 Gold, and the components needed for the Gift of Fangs, Teeth, Blood, Venom, Totems, Dust, and Claws can be purchased from the Trading Post or farmed through loot drops.