How to craft TM 161 Trick Room in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Shut down faster opponents with this bizarre room.

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Trick Room is one of the many Technical Machines (TMs) made accessible via Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s TM crafting system. It is a powerful, disruptive move that lasts for five turns, allowing slower Pokémon to move first during its duration. There are entire teams revolving around using Trick Room to set up and shut down opponents, and it is especially popular in Double Battles. In a meta dominated by fast, offensive-oriented teams, Trick Room is very handy in shutting down glass cannons and speedy sweepers that lack the bulk and tools to deal with a Trick Room setup. Here is how you can craft TM 161 Trick Room in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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Materials used to craft TM 161 Trick Room in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Once you have unlocked TM 161 Trick Room, make your way to your local Pokémon Center and boot up the TM Machine. Here are the resources you will need to craft this Technical Machine:

  • 5,000 League Points
  • 3 Hatenna Dust
  • 3 Bronzor Fragment
  • 3 Gothita Eyelash

Hatenna Dust drops from the Hatenna line. Hatenna itself can easily be found in lake biomes located in the South Province (Areas One, Two, and Four) and the West Province (Area Three). As a pure Psychic type, it is weak to Ghost, Dark, and Bug-type moves.

Bronzor Fragments drop from Bronzor and its evolution, Bronzong. Bronzor is the more common of the two, and can be found in ruins across the East Province (Area Two), the South Province (Areas Two, Three, Four, and Five), and the West Province (Areas One and Two). Both are Steel and Psychic types, and as such are weak to Fire, Ground, Ghost, and Dark-type moves.

Gothita Eyelash is a drop from the Gothita line. Gothita spawns in the East Province (Area Three) and Gothorita in South Province (Area Six). Both are far more common than Gothitelle, which is considered a rare spawn. As they are all pure Psychic types, they are weak to Dark, Ghost, and Bug-type moves.