How to create a guild in Lost Ark

Somethings are simply better with friends.

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MMOs have a tendency only to be as good as the people you surround yourself with, and that holds in the free-to-play title, Lost Ark, as well. As many MMOs tend to, Lost Ark has a guild system that makes creating your very own guild a rather simple endeavor.

To create a guild, players will need to have discovered the first city in the Main Quest, Prideholme. The cost to create a guild is 2,000 silver, but that is a relatively paltry sum; the first two challenges in the Welcome Challenge list offer 1,000 silver a piece.

Once both criteria are met, navigate down to the bottom-right of the screen, where Community is located beneath a chat bubble icon. Select Guild from the bar; note players can also use Alt+U as a default key bind to open the Guild window quickly.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The third tab from the left is titled ‘Create Guild.’ Click this, enter a guild name with a description, and finalize the guild by clicking the Create Guild button at the bottom center. Note the small tick box on the right side of the Create Guild window, allowing your guild to be listed within the ‘Suggested Guilds’ list. This lets players find your guild by browsing, which can help bolster your ranks if you’re not looking to keep things private.