How to create and store electricity in Rust

It’s all about power.

Image via Facepunch Studios

Survival is the name of the game in Rust. You can choose how to play survive by foraging off the land or developing a base to store all of your supplies. You have to be careful because there are plenty of other players running around trying to survive, and they might not be too friendly. If you want an advantage against them, a good way to gain it is by creating electricity and using it.

How to create electricity

There are three methods for you to create electricity, and all of them are different devices. You can use a solar panel, a wind turbine, or a small generator. You can loot them, and they slightly vary in where they drop but are extremely similar. The small generator and wind turbine share the same drop locations from oil rig crates, locked crates, elite tier crates, military crates, and from any of the oil rig scientists. The solar panel only drops from crates, sunken chests, and oil rig scientists, not heavy ones.

Each of the items generates energy depending on what you give them. For example, a solar panel produces more energy when the sun is directly on it, and the panels face it. The wind turbine produces more energy at higher elevations, so you want to find a windy location on the map to place it. The small generator requires fuel, and if you place low-grade fuel into it, it produces 40 power.

After you’ve looted these items once, you can take them to a workbench and create a blueprint to craft more in the future. To create a blueprint, you need a research table. The wind turbine requires 125 scrap, and both the solar panel and the small generator needs 75 scrap. Only the solar panel needs a level 1 workbench to craft, whereas the wind turbine and small generator need a level 2 workbench.

How to store electricity

When you have any of the three devices that generate electricity, you will need a method to store it. You can use several batteries, but they also come from the same locations and sources that drop the wind turbine, solar panel, and small generator. So you’ll be spending plenty of time in the oil rig and attempting to loot the crates you find. There’s a large rechargeable battery, a medium version, and then a small one. The small one also drops from inside sunken chests, whereas the others will not. You can bring them to a workbench to create blueprints. The small battery requires 20 scrap, and the medium and large batteries require 75 scrap.

With the ability to develop electricity, and then properly store it on any of the batteries you can find in the game, you’ll be ready to create a small home or the start of a settlement in Rust.