How to create private matches in Apex Legends

Hope you have a lot of friends to play with.

Image via Respawn

Since the release of Apex Legends, the game has slowly expanded and added many new features. It was instantly a hit for Titanfall and battle royale fans, but to keep that popularity going, Respawn Entertainment has been dedicated to adding new modes, playable Legends, and more. Now, players can finally set up their own private matches — but there are some caveats. Here is how to start your own custom game in Apex Legends.

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How to start a custom match in Apex Legends

To make a private match in Apex Legends, start by going into the pre-game lobby and selecting a game mode. There is a new tab to enter at the top that says Private Match. On the next page, click Create Match if you are hosting one. The next page will show the lobby.

To swap between Battle Royale and Arenas, go to the Settings tab. After you select one, be sure to save your changes by clicking apply in the bottom right corner. Unfortunately, limited-time modes are not available in private matches as of this writing. Luckily though, you can choose any current map and set who has chat privileges, whether people can rename their teams, and if players can assign themselves to teams.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can start giving out the join code whenever you are ready. It can be found in the top right corner of the lobby page. Click Reveal and share the code with whoever you want to participate, including people watching your stream.

There are some player requirements before you can begin your private match. If playing Battle Royale, at least 30 people had to have joined your lobby to begin, so this feature is likely meant for streamers and big communities, at least as of this writing. Anyone looking to have some pick-up games in Arena need to have six to fill out the two teams.

Unfortunately, unless some changes are made, you can not create a private match to explore a map and practice with smaller lobbies. We will update this article in the future if anything is ever switched up.