How to cure food poisoning in Sheltered 2

Fight the terrible cooking and poor hygiene.


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In the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Sheltered 2, there are many dangers. Factions around the world are easy to encounter and hard to fight off, radiation is a constant threat, and then there’s the general lack of cooking and cleaning skills of your survivors to contend with. Eventually, someone is going to get food poisoning, and it will cripple them. This guide covers how to cure it quickly.

How to cure food poisoning

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You’ll know when a survivor has food poisoning because it will pop up on their stats, but it’s probably more apparent that something’s wrong because they walk hunched over and are constantly throwing up. This causes them to drink much more water than they usually would, costing you precious resources. It also makes the shelter much less hygienic, putting all your other survivors at risk.

To cure food poisoning, right-click on the medicine cabinet and select the Antiemetic, a pink pill that relieves the feeling of nausea. As soon as your survivor takes the medication, they’ll be cured of food poisoning. You can avoid future bouts of food poisoning by having your survivors cook their food before eating it and cleaning your shelter regularly. The dirtier your shelter, the easier it is for survivors to pick up nasty bugs.