How to customize a created rider in MotoGP 22

Change this, tweak that.

Image via Milestone

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In MotoGP 22, players will have the option of creating their very own avatar. This avatar can be used in the game’s Career mode, so it’s probably wise to square this away upon loading up the game for the first time. So, how can you customize the created avatar in MotoGP 22? Let’s take a look.

Upon the first time booting up MotoGP 22, users will be able to edit a created rider’s name, helmet, number, and clothing. Gloves, knee sliders, boots, and even suits can be swapped out. If you choose to skip this option, fret not.

MotoGP 22 players will be able to customize a created rider’s look after going through the intro and tutorial section. At the home screen of MotoGP 22, select the ‘Customization’ tab on the right-hand side. This will open up the game’s customization suite.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

After that’s done, select the item that you would like to have changed. Users can choose from one of six options (Rider, Helmets, Numbers, Team, and Rider Stickers, and Stickers) laid out in the customization suite and change much of the same parts of the avatar that could be edited in the startup menu. This includes the look of the avatar and the riding style.

The riding styles are divided up into these sections:

  • Balanced
  • Centered
  • Elbows to the Ground
  • Shoulders Out
  • Body Out
  • Old School

Additionally, users can adjust the number of braking fingers and the option to have the braking leg out of the bike.