How to customize Sims in Sims 4 on PlayStation 4

You have limited options if you want to change your Sim’s appearance on the PlayStation 4

Screengrab via Electronic Arts

Making your Sim look unique and stand out from the other characters in the game is a massive feature of Sims 4. You want your character to look different and have their personality reflect the way they look, from the type of haircut they have to the clothing they wear. You have several different methods of modifying your Sim’s appearance, and if you want to edit a Sim’s physical appearance, you need to be a little creative.

Changing a Sim’s clothing

Altering your Sim’s clothing is a straightforward task. What you need to do is acquire and add a mirror, wardrobe, or dressed to their home. From there, highlight the Sim you want to change and click on the object you want to use, choosing the options to change their appearance. You can alter their clothing and hairstyles with each appearance choice. However, you’re limited in your options, and you cannot change your Sim’s physical appearance after you created them.

Changing a Sim’s appearance

Unfortunately, after you finalize and Sim and create them in the game to play, you cannot go about changing their physical appearance. It may alter in small ways, such as them increasing their fitness level. But there is a way you can do this by using cheats. Naturally, it’s far easier to do these cheats on a PC, but you can also do it on a console.

For those using a PlayStation 4, you need to hold down all of your controller’s bumpers at the same time. That means hitting the R1, L1, R2, and L2 buttons to bring up the cheat menu. You should see a small bar at the top left portion of your screen pop up. From there, you need to type in “testingcheats true” into the bar. Enabling this does prevent you from earning any trophies with it activated.

After that, you want to enter “cas.fulleditmode” so you can start modifying the finer details of your Sim. With this enabled, you can edit your Sim, but you cannot change their name or any traits they’ve inherited.

To modify them, you need to leave the cheat menu by clicking the R1, L1, R2, and L2 buttons again, and then hitting the circle and X button at the same time. You should be able to modify the Sim’s CAS by hovering over them and clicking “Modify CAS,” granting you access to changing a Sim’s appearance, along with several other details about them. You can even reset the Sim if you want.

While you do lose the ability to gain any trophies from doing this, it can make your playthrough of the Sims 4.