How to customize and create race tracks in Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 4

From start to finish.

Supercross fans can create and customize riders in Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 4. But that’s not where the creativity ends. Players can also design and customize tracks in Supercross 4. So if you were getting tired of riding in Oakland or Glendale, Arizona, you have the option to do something about it. With that said, let’s go over the steps that you need to take in Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Game 4?

The steps that you’ll need to take are pretty similar as compared to customizing your character. First, scroll over to the Create tab on the Main Menu, and then select the Track Editor. The Track Editor can be found right next to the Rider Customization option.

To build a fresh track, select the New Track tab. Here, players can start by selecting either an Indoor Stadium or an Outdoor Stadium. Users can choose from rectangular stadiums, ones that mirror football and soccer stadiums. Or, you can choose to pick a diamond-shaped baseball stadium.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you do that, you can choose the start and finish line for your race. You can select either pre-set, standard starts, or custom ones. If you choose a custom one, make sure that your planned start fits within the confines of your stadium. If the start area has an orange outline, that means it does not work with your stadium setup.

You’ll be able to build custom turns, whoops, and loops and make other changes to the design to make it your very own. Once you’re finished, save it by selecting the Menu option, and then Save Track.

To edit that track after you have initially completed it, go back to the Track Editor and select Edit Track. You should find the one that you built in the Local Tracks section.