How to customize your BB Pod in Death Stranding

Give your BB some style.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The BB is your most trusted ally, and they should be decorated in style. In Death Stranding: The Director’s Cut on the PlayStation 5, you can customize the way their pod looks, but you won’t be able to do it straight away.

To unlock the ability to customize your BB Pod, you must receive Order No. 78, which you can get in the latter stages of Chapter 2 or early in Chapter 3. After finishing Request No. 77, Die-Hardman tells you that you need to go back to the factory to find out more intel on the MULEs.

You can take on this mission in the distribution center that’s west of Central Knot City. Once you’ve accepted the mission, complete it by going further into the factory and picking up more information from an office building. This is your second visit, so you’ll at first be at a dead end with a gate. However, Bridges has been able to hack the factory, so you can unlock the door. Once inside, look to the right of a white operation bed.

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Make sure you have the Maser Gun equipped as you’ll need to take out more MULEs; they’re not that tough, so you shouldn’t have any issues. Just remember that you shouldn’t bring a large load with you as they can see you through the tall grass if your stack is too high.

Once the mission is done, go back to the Access Terminal in the distribution center to finalize the order. You’ll then be given the opportunity to customize your BB Pod.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Go to your private room and press X to check on the BB. Once you’re looking at the precious little thing, press triangle to change your BB Pod’s look. There are 25 different color options available, including a slick Carbon Fiber black. If you don’t like the color you picked, you can press the triangle button to revert it to normal. Once you’re happy with the pod’s color, select the “Confirm” menu tab and hold down X to finalize the look.