How to customize your character in Tribes of Midgard

Make your character look unique.

Image via Norsfell Games

Making your character look different in Tribes of Midgard makes it easier for other players to notice you and allow you to show off the many achievements you’ve completed in the game. In addition, the customization process takes place in a single location, making it quick and efficient to modify your character before playing a game. This guide details how to customize your character in Tribes of Midgard and all of the options you can go through.

You want to make sure you’re not in the middle of a Tribes of Midgard session because all the customizing you’re going to do takes place in the main menu. It is the fifth tab on the upper menu, and you’re going to have three options available to you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You have your primary character customization, cosmetic weapons, and cosmetic protections. Your character customization screen allows you to change your avatar’s skin tone, face, hairstyle, hair color, the emotes they can perform, the voice lines they can say, your profile portrait, and the pets your character can use. In the cosmetic weapons section, you’ll be able to modify your weapon’s appearance. Whenever your character is wielding a particular weapon type, they will have this item appearance rather than the default one. The cosmetic protections section is similar to the cosmetic weapons, so whenever your character is wearing armor, they’re going to have the cosmetic armor appearance you’ve chosen.

You’ll be able to modify these sections whenever you return to the main menu. You can expect to unlock many of these appearance pieces as you progress through Tribes of Midgard and complete achievements. You also have the option to purchase additional cosmetics for your character, weapons, and armor, in the shop using premium currency.