How to damage enemies with smoke trail in Century: Age of Ashes

Kill them with green spray.


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Each of the classes in Century: Age of Ashes has its own unique abilities for you to use in battle. However, knowing how they all work and how to make the most of them is difficult when you first start playing. This becomes even more frustrating when trying to understand how to complete some of the challenges. This guide will explain how to damage enemies with Smoke Trail.

Ensure it’s equipped

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Smoke Trail is an ability you need to equip to the Windguard class when you pick it before a match. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it. This is the most basic mistake that many players make when they first get into the game, so ensure you equip the ability if you plan on using it or need it for a challenge.

Trigger when you’re in trouble

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The key to using Smoke Trail is using it when you’re really in trouble. The ability causes a stream of thick green smoke to spew out behind your dragon while you fly away. This will cause all the enemies chasing you to begin taking damage. The smoke will remain on the map for 30 seconds or so, meaning that any enemies that happen to fly through it will take damage. If an enemy is low on health, you could even kill them without trying.

Use Smoke Trail sparingly, but don’t forget about it either. The more you use it, the more damage you’ll do in each match, meaning you’ll rack up kills, experience points, and complete weekly challenges too.