All Century: Age of Ashes classes explained

Know your class and you enemy’s.


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In Century: Age of Ashes, your class plays a big part in how well you’ll fare in each match. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses, and if you don’t play them the right way, you’ll find yourself losing more often than not. That’s why we’ve put together this guide explaining what each class is and how you should play as them.

Maruader class

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The Marauder class is akin to any tank in an MMO. They’re built to take hits and deal damage. That’s about it. However, they’re also the perfect starting class. If you’re still refining your play style, this is a great class to pick up and run with for a few matches. The perks of this class are as follows.

  • Bloodchaser: Dragons in this class are the ultimate hunters, and can smell their enemies from the opposite side of a mountain. This makes it easy to track foes down.
  • Hunter’s Mark: This perk allows you to blast a tracking fireball at an enemy. If hit, the enemy will take increased damage from subsequent attacks.

The abilities you can choose between for this class are as follows.

  • Gust: Destroys any enemy fireballs that are targetting you, and makes you temporarily unblockable.
  • Frost Bolts: Launches three projectiles that cause huge shield damage when they land. They also reduce steering for enemies without shields.

Windguard class

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Windguards are a support class that helps keep their team in the air. If you prefer to hang back and help your allies while they do all the fighting, this is likely the class for you. The perks you have with this class are as follows.

  • Ironwing: Dragons in this class bring good fortune, and are built to rescue and protect instead of burn and destory.
  • Salvation Surge: Using this perk sees you dash towards a nearby ally and apply a temporary shield to them. You’ll also heal the ally slighty and reduce their fireball cooldown for a short period of time.

The abilities that Winguards can choose from are as follows.

  • Smoke Trail: This attack releases a poisinous smoke trail behind your dragon, blinding enemies.
  • Blast: A powerful shockwave that will thrust enemies away from you when used.

Phantom class

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The Phantom class is as close to stealth as you can get in this game. While you’ll never be sneaky while riding a dragon, this class still lets you work like a thief or rogue in other genres by planting traps and generally causing damage to enemies without them seeing you. So if you like to work in the shadows, this class is for you. The perks that Phantoms have access to are as follows.

  • Nightsnagger: Dragons in this class are as sneaky as they come, any victims they spare go mad.
  • Mystic Shroud: This perk gives you the power to become temporarily invisible. When you attack with a fireball, you’ll become visible again but your attack will deal more damage than normal.

The abilities Phantoms have access to are as follows.