How to declare war in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Don’t go easy on them.

War and combat happen pretty quickly in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord. When you obtain enough status as a large faction, you may want to acquire additional territory or even support another warring faction whom you wish to ally within the game. It’s a good practice to understand how to start a war against another faction and how it works.

Before you can declare war against another faction, you need to have created a kingdom or have a faction. You will have the opportunity to do this by making your way through the game’s main quests, so to get there naturally, you want to work your way through the game. After that, it’s completely other objectives to meet the requirements to create a kingdom. After you do that, you’re good to go to consider war as a viable option.

With a kingdom to your name, you can choose any of the factions you don’t like to declare war against. However, the option, for the time being, is greyed out, and players cannot freely do it at this time. Bannerlord is currently in early access, and not every feature is readily available in the game. The Kingdom management stuff in it has not released to the public, so you need to remain patient until developer Taleworlds Entertainment releases it in a future patch. When this option does become available, you should be able to declare war against other factions freely and pit your warriors against theirs in brutal combat. 

If you want to war a faction, alternatively, you can start raiding their villages. By raiding enough of their villages and attacking their caravans, the opposing faction will declare war on you, which works great if you’re already ready for it to happen. It’s not a straightforward method, but it does still work to the same effect.

Bannerlord allows you to do battle against grand armies, take up trade while visiting numerous cities, or assist random NPCs with their problems all over the game. You have the chance to decide how you want to play the game, and you can follow the process of Bannerlord‘s development as it continues through its early access.