How to Defeat an Enemy With Their Slowed Blaster Bolt in Jedi: Fallen Order


The first Jedi force power players have access to in Jedi: Fallen Order is Slow. It has numerous uses, from making enemies freeze in their tracks to slowing down fast objects to make traversing an area far easier. An achievement in the game is to get Cal to take out an enemy using a slowed down blaster bolt they fired at him.

But, you can only complete it if you use the force powers Slow and Pull at the same time. If you don’t have Force Pull yet, you cannot complete this achievement.

The technique will take a little bit of practice, so don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t happen the first time you successfully slow down a blaster bolt. To get good at this ability, first try focusing on slowing down a single blaster bolt. When you’re ready, you want to get a single stormtrooper alone.

When they’re alone, wait for their blaster to charge up, indicated by the red hue at the end of their weapon. When it fires, hit it with Cal’s Force Slow to freeze it in place. When it’s in place, refocus on the stormtrooper and pull them into it. They should get hit by it, falling hard to the ground. You should receive the achievement after taking out the stormtrooper.

This achievement does not work by merely using Force Slow on a blaster bolt and then reflecting it back. You need to pull the enemy into the bolt with Force Pull for it to count.