How to defeat Gauss in Outriders

It’s an electrifying battle.

Image via People Can Fly

When you reach the top of the solar tower in Outriders, you’ll have to face off against Gauss, an Altered who has the ability to use electricity. It’s one of the tougher battles in the game during the first portion of your time in Outriders. You might struggle against him for a bit, but there are some noticeable ways to take him down. When we were battling him, we were playing as a Technomancer.

You and Gauss will be on opposite sides of the platform from each other. Gauss summons a lightning-like gun into his hands and typically starts the fight channeling his initial attack. You can use this opportunity to get a few hits in, but you want to move fast. This ability is a mine, and it goes directly to your position. Following those hits against Gauss, dodge from your position and avoid the mine.

Gauss will primarily move around the platform, firing at you to lower your health. But their biggest threat will be their charged attacks, the overcharged mine, and the lightning strikes they summon. You can attempt to interrupt these lightning strikes when Gauss is charging them. However, if you do not, three large blue circles will hone in your position and follow you around the fight, hitting you with lightning strikes. You want to avoid these attacks as often as possible while still firing and lowering Gauss’ health. He also has a teleport ability he’ll use to get behind you.

When Gauss reaches roughly half his health, he summons a steel wall around him you have to breakthrough. If you can shoot through any of the panels, you can damage him. Otherwise, your bullets and abilities will hit the panels, and Gauss will remain undamaged. The panels circle him, so you’ll have to break through multiple panels to damage him until he ceases using this ability.

This is the primary rinse and repeat attacks that Gauss goes through this fight. You want to wait to use any slowing abilities or prevent Gauss from firing his lightning bolts as much as possible. The overcharged mine is not a huge deal, so long as you can dodge away from your present condition when fighting him.

After you defeat Gauss, you’ll have a talk with Seth about the future of those you’re helping, and learn a little bit more about other powerful Altered you may have to face.