How to defeat Konrad the Traitor in Bleak Faith: Forsaken

This man is a traitor.

Action RPGs are known for having powerful bosses, especially if they are a souls-like game like Bleak Faith: Forsaken. While you will fight many bosses, none are as memorable as the first boss, Konrad the Traitor. After a long trek through dark tunnels where you fight plenty of teleporting enemies and robots, you will find a ruined arena where Konrad the Traitor awaits you. This guide will show you how to defeat Konrad the Traitor in Bleak Faith: Forsaken.

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Konrad the Traitor boss guide in Bleak Faith: Forsaken

Before you enter the boss arena, don’t forget to stop at the homunculus, so you have the checkpoint leading up to the arena. When you enter the arena, Konrad will start the fight by walking slowly toward you while giving a short dialogue. Start by walking up to him, and he will initiate an attack. He typically starts the battle by using an uppercut attack. This is telegraphed by his blade glowing yellow. Sidestep to his left side to easily avoid this attack. He may also start the battle off with a double-slam attack. Like the uppercut, this attack can be avoided by walking around Konrad’s left side.

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Konrad has a fair number of attacks that he can use throughout the fight. Despite having a health bar cut into thirds, his attacks don’t change based on the amount of health he has remaining. Konrad can use the following attacks throughout the fight:

  • Uppercut – Telegraphed by a glowing yellow blade, Konrad will change you if you are outside melee range. Strafe to Konrad’s left to avoid this attack.
  • Double Slam – Konrad will slam his weapon before performing a flip and slamming his weapon again. Strafe to his left to avoid the attack.
  • Double Spin – Konrad will spin twice with his weapon held out. This attack has a decent reach. Dodge back to avoid getting hit or guard to protect yourself.
  • Multi-Spin – Konrad will spin up to eight times with his weapon held out. This attack can easily break your guard. It is best to dodge back and backstep to avoid getting hit as he inches closer to you.
  • Blue Orb Toss- The boss will toss out a blue orb that hits the ground and creates a vortex. Avoid stepping in the vortex or it will leave a status effect on you that damages you over time.
  • Pulse – This move is telegraphed by Konrad kneeling. When this happens, back away as far as you can. Konrad will release a pulse that goes across the arena, damaging you and throwing you back if you are too close.
  • Stomp – Before performing this attack, Konrad will typically jump back. After this, Konrad will jump into the air and slam the ground, causing the group to break apart. There is no avoiding this attack but the closer you are to Konrad, the more damage you will take. Because of this, it is best to step back and get as far from him as possible to avoid taking a lot of damage.
  • Single Slam – Similar to the double slam, except Konrad will only slam his weapon down once. This move is easy to avoid if you strafe to Konrad’s left side.
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Konrad has a lot of moves, but most of them will leave him open to attack. Stick close to him for most of the fight and stay on his left side. This will allow you to avoid taking damage the most and also allow you to get some good hits in. When you attack Konrad, hit him once or twice and prepare for his next move. Only get out of the way when he is using his stomp, spin, and pulse attacks, as these are very damaging if caught up close.