How to defeat the Aberrant Knight in Bleak Faith: Forsaken

Like a giant but deadlier.

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Being an action RPG, Bleak Faith: Forsaken is filled with bosses for you to take on if you manage to find them. Deep in the lower reaches of the Omnistructure, you can find a large enemy known as the Aberrant Knight. This large foe towers above you and hits very hard with a large spear. Stay on your toes and don’t get caught in any of this enemy’s attacks. This guide will show you how to defeat the Aberrant Knight in Bleak Faith: Forsaken.

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Aberrant Knight boss guide in Bleak Faith: Forsaken

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The Aberrant Knight is one of the many giant enemies that you will find throughout the game and defeating it requires a bit of finesse. Luckily, you have a large arena to move around in. Before getting into the basics of defeating the boss, we will go over the attacks that it can use. Keep an eye out for the following attacks throughout the fight:

  • Foot Stomp – The Aberrant Knight will raise one of its feet and stomp the ground. This attack will cause a bit of a shockwave that can damage you if you are standing too close. Dodge when its foot hits the ground to avoid taking damage.
  • Spear Spin – The Aberrant Knight crouches down and starts spinning while holding its spear out. This attack has a decent range so back up to avoid taking damage or dodge at the right time as the blade of the spear passes. The Knight will spin about four or five times before stopping and standing back up.
  • Spear Swing – The Abberant Knight swings its spear in front of it in a large arc. This attack can easily be avoided by standing behind the Aberrant Knight.
  • Jump and Dive – The Abberant Knight jumps into the air and slams the ground with its spear. Keep an eye out for when the knight jumps because it has a long range. It is best to dodge just before the knight hits the ground to avoid damage.
  • Grab – This attack happens later in the fight when you are on the Abberant Knight’s back. You will need to climb down its back to avoid getting hit by this attack.
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The key to defeating the Aberrant Knight is to attack its feet. Each leg has a separate hit bar so make sure to lay into the same leg throughout the fight. When one of the health bars is fully depleted, the Abberant Knight will kneel. During this time, walk up behind it and interact with the boss to jump on its back. The boss will then stand up and try to knock you off. Attack the weak spots while on its back. When one section of its back is destroyed, you will fall off. Repeat the process of attacking the boss’ legs and then climbing on it until it is defeated.