The best early-game perks in Bleak Faith: Forsaken

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As you progress through Bleak Faith: Forsaken, you will gain essence and use it to increase your character’s abilities in combat. Perks are just one of the ways that you will end up making your character stronger in the game. Of course, you also need to remember that your perk choices are permanent and can’t be changed. You get four in total so make sure you choose wisely. This guide will show you the best early-game perks to choose from in Bleak Faith: Forsaken and how to equip them.

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How to equip perks in Bleak Faith: Forsaken

Essence is one of the many materials you will end up gathering as you explore the omnistructure in Bleak Faith: Forsaken. This material is the one you will use to earn perks and upgrade them. As you defeat stronger enemies, you will collect essence. Dying with essence will cause it to return to its previous owner. You can stabilize essence by going to a homunculus.

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The amount of essence that you are carrying can be seen in the top left corner of the perk menu. To access this menu, go to your inventory and use the triggers on console, or F3 and F4 on PC, to navigate to the character menu. From there, select any of the perk spaces on the right side of the menu to access the perks menu. Here, you can select perks and equip them if you have the necessary amount of essence.

The best early-game perks in Bleak Faith: Forsaken

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You will get to start selecting perks after you receive your first essence in the game. This comes from Konrad the Traitor. Once defeated, you can select one of the 18 perks in the game. Some of these perks are great for the early game while others are obviously able to be ignored until much later. The following perks are great for starting players:

  • Tinkerer Mastery – +1 belt max limit +40% effectiveness of all restorative consumables, and an extra +1 belt max limit once the handler gains the ability to upgrade to Mk4. This is great for the early game if you are struggling with keeping your health up. The extra healing item and effectiveness will easily help you stay on your feet.
  • Dual Wield Mastery – While dual wielding, your weapons deal the maximum of their potential damage, and offhand weapons now deal 60% of their damage instead of 35%. This is great for those who dual-wield since the extra damage will easily help you take down targets at a faster rate. The damage increase for the off-hand weapon easily makes this perk worthwhile.
  • Berserker – Each time you take damage, you gain a buff that increases all your damage by a percent equal to the percentage of missing health. This lasts for 10 seconds and can be reset while also stacking for increased effectiveness. The Berserker perk will easily have you dealing massive amounts of damage early on in the game, especially if you take damage a lot.
  • Vampirism – Adds 30% flat lifesteal from all damage, and doubles the amount of existing lifesteal from your weapons. Great for those who take a lot of damage. Those who don’t take a lot of damage will keep their health up and those that do can avoid needing to use restorative fluid as often.
  • Combo Brutality – Each combo increases your damage by 10% while the last combo point increases it by 60% for a total of 100%. A great perk for the early game and later on that allows you to deal a lot of damage if you hit enemies multiple times in a row.

Each of these perks is extremely advantageous in the early game of Bleak Faith: Forsaken. Make sure to choose which perk you want since it cannot be removed or replaced.