How to defeat Loup-Garou in Shin Megami Tensei V

Send this puppy to the doghouse.


Screenshot by Gamepur

While technically a new demon in Shin Megami Tensei V, Loup-Garou is a werewolf that has made appearances in Shin Megami Tensei games in the past. This new werewolf, however, definitely has a lot more bite, being an area boss of no small stature. Thankfully, Loup-Garou is positioned right next to a Leyline, so any failed attempts to take him down won’t take long to recover from.

Loup-Garou boasts a pretty sizeable offensive stat pool of 30 Strength and Magic, and he has the move pool to back it up. While Loup-Garou will focus primarily on physical attacks, when he charges up his Magatsuhi, he will use Souffle D’eclair — which will be guaranteed to one-shot anything that doesn’t resist Elec attacks. He also packs Critical Aura, which will grant him bonus Press Turns on his hard-hitting physical skills.

The trick to beating him is Sukunda, Tarunda, and Elec Dampeners. Use the Dampeners anytime Loup-Garou gathers Magatsuhi. You may also wish to designate one of your demons to be a debuffer/item user so that your Nahobino can focus on dealing damage. Speaking of, Loup-Garou is weak to Ice and Light spells, so you may want to bring a Jack Frost in. Shiki-Ouji is also a good pick, due to its Resist Physical affinity.