How to defeat Nu’wa in Shin Megami Tensei V

Shatter this terracotta doll with our handy guide on this area boss.


Screenshot by Gamepur

At the end of your adventure in Da’at: Minato, you will come across the Japanese Diet Building, where the final boss of the area, Nu’wa, resides. This boss will test what you’ve learned so far and probably send you packing the first one or two times you engage her. We recommend trying the fight blind before reading this guide to get a taste of what you’re up against. If you’re stuck, however, read on — here’s how to take down Nu’wa.

Nu’wa has a massive health pool, but don’t worry — the win condition is to reduce her health to 50%. It is recommended that you attempt this fight at or around level 22. She is weak to only Fire attacks, nulls Elec and Dark, and reflects Wind, so under no circumstances should you use any Wind attacks. She will zap your entire team with Mazio and attempt to pick off one of your units with Zanma, but the real danger comes when she uses Magatsuhi: Critical.

In her next turn, she will immediately use Sacrifice of Clay, an attack that does Severe Wind damage to your entire team. We have seen it one-shot our entire team from full health, but thankfully there is a trick to escaping this damage. Have your Nahobino use the item Force Dampener, and it will completely remove the threat. For this fight, you will need at least 2, probably all 3 Force Dampeners, so stock up at the shop.