How to defeat the first Abscess in Shin Megami Tensei V

Here’s how to root these weeds.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Abscess act as checkpoints to new areas in Shin Megami Tensei V. These minibosses are immediately noticeable on your map, as they radiate an evil aura over a wide range. This aura makes it harder to navigate and sightsee until they’re dealt with. Upon approaching your first Abscess, a horde of demons will spawn and try to surround you. Dealing with them all is a great way to get some needed EXP, but it also will likely drain your resources before you can fight the big bad.

The first Abscess encounter will be three Mandrake demons that have inflated stats compared to their regular counterparts. Mandrakes are immune to Zio spells, so don’t throw Electric attacks around. They are, however, weak to Agi spells — and lucky you, there are hordes of Onmoraki floating around the Abscess.

Onmoraki innately learns Agi, but you can also find an Onmoraki Essence with some exploration in the area. This will allow you to teach Nahobino Agi, which will give you two users capable of abusing the Mandrake’s weakness. Focus down the Mandrakes one by one, and pop your Magatsuhi Critical ability if you wish — you should be able to make short work of this tutorial boss with no problem, even on Hard Mode.