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How to defeat the Blizzard Brothers in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Melt the ice and defeat the Blizzard Brothers in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.
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The Blizzard Brothers are the third main boss fight in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, whom you can find in The Snowpeaks. At first impression by the name, you’d think that the Blizzard Brothers are two different threats you’re fighting at once. In reality, they are two beings attached to the same body. This is also the first boss fight where they are not shielded.

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The brothers are placed “behind” you so you can move freely across the screen. You will be able to tell which brother is attacking based on whose eyes are glowing. One brother has yellow eyes while the other has blue.

Both brothers have unique abilities. The yellow-eyed brother will summon ice balls that will try to track and hit you with a chance of freezing you. If you are frozen, you can move around to try and get out faster. The blue-eyed brother will blow ice on the ground damaging you if you stand there at any time. They both are able to summon enemies to fight against you as well, although they are easy to kill.

This boss fight is pretty easy as long as you can avoid their two main attacks. They don’t move, and their heads get even bigger when they prepare to attack, making them easier to hit. As always, link attack whenever you are able to do extra damage.

Once you defeat them, you will be able to come back to fight them again at a high level. It won’t pertain to the main story, but it will help with side quests at some point if you’re planning to complete all of them.

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