How to delete a PS5 account

Remove it from your console.

Whenever you want to remove an account from your PlayStation 5, you want to make sure it’s one you don’t have any viable use for anymore. It won’t take you too long to delete it, but make sure you don’t have any digital-only games tied to it or any specific services you’ve purchased from the PlayStation Network.

Proceed to the home screen of your PS5 and go to the cog on the upper right portion. Click on it to access your settings, and scroll down to the “users and accounts” options. From there, go down to “users,” and choose the account you want to remove from the console.

Before you remove the account from your PS5, there will be a series of notifications asking if you’re sure about this decision. It removes any features or games that the account has from the PlayStation 5, so you want to make sure this is not the console’s primary user. Once you’ve deleted the user, that account can no longer log in or access that PS5. If you ever want to use that account on that console again, you need to log in using the account’s PlayStation Network username and password.

Deleting an account from your PS5 does not erase the account. It only removes it from the console. To completely erase a PlayStation Network account, you’d need to reach out to PlayStation’s official website.