How to deploy a Specter in Warframe

Bring a friend.


Specters in Warframe are AI-controlled units that can be used to help you out in missions. Specter blueprints are awarded from various activities in the game and need to be built in your Foundry on the Orbiter. Specters come in different types and can mimic Warframes, or even enemy units.

When the Spectre is complete, it needs to be added to your Gear Wheel through the Arsenal, and can then be used in a mission the same as any other piece of gear. Just open up your Gear Wheel in the mission, then click on the Specter to use it.

How to get a Specter blueprint

Specter blueprints can be earned as a reward for completing missions in the game. For example, Spectres that mimic your Warframes can be earned by completing Rescue missions. The more difficult the mission, the better the Specter you will get.

  • Vapor – Easy and Medium Rescue missions – makes 10 Specters
  • Phase – Easy, Medium and Hard Rescue missions – makes 5 Specters
  • Force – Medium, Hard and Nightmare Rescue missions – makes 3 Specters
  • Cosmic – Hard and Nightmare Rescue missions – makes a single Specter

Specters can also be earned through the Syndicate system. When you join a Syndicate and reach the first tier with them, you will have access to their Syndicate Specter blueprint for 2500 Standing. This is the quickest way to get a guaranteed Specter blueprint if you do not have one. You can also get the blueprints for other Syndicate Specters by wiping out a Syndicate squad that tries to hunt you down in one of your missions. This is random, however, so can be hard to finesse.

Easily the most famous Specter in the game is the Clem Specter. You can get a Specter of everyone’s favorite Grineer by completing the Man of Few Words quest, or the weekly mission to help Clem. Each blueprint will allow you to make five friendly Clems to help you out in missions.