How to destroy buildings in Len’s Island

Struggling to figure out how to destroy walls?

Edit Mode

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unlike other crafting games, Len’s Island doesn’t provide a lot of information outside of very basic commands, such as movement. Since the game is all about building and survival, often times you may find yourself needing to remove extra structures — and since this game doesn’t tell you how to do that, we’ve got a brief guide for you.

First, you will need to enter Edit Mode by hitting the F key. Once done, you can select almost any structure to delete it from the game. The materials will be returned to you, so don’t worry about losing progress. You can access Edit Mode while building, or while exploring — there’s a hut near where you start the game, so give it a shot by demolishing it.

You can also upgrade your structures via the Edit Mode from their Wooden variants, up to Stone and eventually Ornate, with each upgrade requiring more rarer materials. This is especially important, as with most survival games, it’s not a far stretch to imagine monsters or other malicious beings coming to knock down your flimsy estate. You can find a variety of resources nearby, but with no map, it’s especially important to keep a mental note of where your house is.