How to destroy haystacks in PUBG

The challenges in PUBG have evolved past needing to survive and make it to the end of the day. Now, you need to focus on destroy haystacks.

PUBG focuses on players attempting to make it into the middle of the circle before being sucked up by the blue and surviving any other player they encounter. These basics had been the initial idea, but it has evolved. Now, players have to think about completing challenges while they survive. A particular challenge is to destroy haystacks in the game. Players need to do this in a specific way.

The haystack you’re after is the large, tall ones. You can crash through these with a vehicle, destroying them. You don’t want to go for the large, rolled up haystacks because they damage you and your vehicle if you’re going quick enough in the game. Your best bet is to use a vehicle to destroy. A grenade and any weapons don’t correctly wipe them off the map.

You can find these haystacks on both Erangel and Miramar. You mostly want to look toward the farm locations where you can find the standard hay bales. The haystacks are throughout both maps.

Visit these locations for Erangel for haystacks:

  • Farm
  • Hospital, south
  • Pochinki
  • Yasnaya Polyana, south
  • Zharki, to the southeast

For Miramar, you want to visit these locations:

  • Campos Agricolasw
  • El Pozo, southeast
  • Hacienda Del Patron, to the east
  • Impala, to the west

These are the notable locations for each map. However, there are likely small outlaying haystacks hidden throughout the game on these two maps you have the chance to find. You should use these locations are guidelines to find the haystack if you find a car nearby. But if you see a haystack anywhere in the game while you’re driving a vehicle, feel free to knock it over at top speed.