How to destroy or sabotage the Boomhuts in Biomutant

Batter up.


Some portions of Biomutant involve trying to take over bases that are under the control of another Tribe. You will need to fight your way through, taking on standard enemies, large goes, some bosses, and even turrets and hatches that fire bombs at you.

These latter enemies are called Boomhuts, and they can be a little awkward to try and defeat. Bommhuts will throw grenades at you, and while they are easy enough to dodge, they can do a lot of damage to you if you are fighting other enemies and are finding it difficult to keep track of them.

How to destroy the Boomhut

To destroy the Boomhut, you need to send the grenades that it is throwing at you flying back at it. The easiest way to do this is with your melee weapon. Stand still and let the Boomhut throw a bomb at you, then when it gets close hit the melee attack button to send it flying back at them. It might take a few goes, but if you stand directly in front of it you should have an easier time.

How to sabotage the Boomhut

For the flame turret variants that you need to destroy, you will instead have to follow the pipe that runs from the turret to a canister with a red valve on it. Interacting with this valve will shut down the fuel source for the flame turret, stopping them from trying to cook you.