How to diagnose diseases in Jurassic World Evolution 2

Saving the dinosaurs.

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Sometimes when you bring a dinosaur into your facility in Jurassic World Evolution 2, there’s a chance it could be infected with a specific disease. If you don’t treat it quickly, the dinosaur could suffer and succumb to the illness. You’ll want to make sure you act fast to figure out the disease you’re dealing with and how to treat it properly. Here’s how you diagnose diseases in Jurassic World Evolution 2.

Before you can diagnose what disease a dinosaur has, you’ll need to create a Paleo-Medical Facility. You can create one underneath the Operations tab in your construction menu. It requires $250,000 to build and at least two power to operate.

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After you’ve constructed the facility, you’ll then need to have your Paleo-Medical’s Mobile Vet Unit (MVU) assigned to diagnose your dinosaur. You can do this by left-clicking o the MVU, Add Task, and then assigning it to the sick dinosaur. If the MVU can reach it, the vehicle will drive over to the dinosaur and examine it. Following the examination, you’ll be able to figure out what Medicine research you need to complete.

When you’re ready to research the Medicine, you need to cure the dinosaur, head on over to your facility’s Control Room at the top of the construction screen. In the Control Room, go to the Research tab indicated by the several hexagons, and then choose the Medicine tab in the Welfare area. The type of Medicine you need will vary depending on the dinosaur’s illness, and the unlock requirements will vary. After you’ve completed all of the unlock requirements, your Scientist will need to research it, and their Welfare level will determine if they can research it not.

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Following the conclusion of the Medicine’s research, you’ll have to give the dinosaurs the Medicine. For us, we had to do it through the MVU, which you’ll need to take control of and drive over to the dinosaurs. When you’re at the dinosaurs, swap equipment to Medicate using the Q and E buttons; administrating the Medicine is just like tranquilizing them, and you’ll need to shoot the dinosaurs with the Medicine. You’ll see a progress bar whenever you hit a dinosaur with the Medicine, and when it hits 100%, they should be fine. Alternatively, you can manually assign an MVU to handle this without your input.

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