How to disable level up notifications in New World chat

The voices are speaking to me again. They say xXCOOL_GUYXx reached level 3.

Image via Amazon Games

New World may incorporate all of the social features you expect an MMORPG to have, but that doesn’t mean you want them all. In the Closed Beta of the game, everyone in your area will have an announcement made in chat when they level up. Of course, with everyone just starting the game and all in one place, that leads to a ton of level up notifications flooding the chat. Here is how to set up your chat to disable level up notifications in New World.

Turning off level up notifications is a simple process, although maybe it is a little hidden. Press Enter to bring up your chat interface and hover your mouse over the chat icons on the left side of the screen. This will set some extra settings to become visible.

Click on the gear icon to bring up Channel Settings. Here you can adjust the different channels of the game through which you get notifications. This includes the global, area, factions, and direct message notifications, among others. On the Area row, click the circle in the Muted column. You have now made it so your chat will no longer be flooded with area-based notifications, including when people you do not know level up. You can return to this setting at any time and change it and other notifications if you wish in the future.