How to disenchant items in Minecraft

Gain experience and put your extra junk items to use.

Image via Mojang

Enchanted items in Minecraft are often coveted. They provide various bonuses and can completely change the way you approach problems. However, you cannot always choose the enchantments an item comes equipped with. That is where disenchanting comes in handy. When an item is disenchanted, all special properties (except curses) are removed from it, and an amount of experience is rewarded depending on the number of enchantments and levels present. Here is how you can disenchant items yourself and usefully get rid of junk cluttering your inventory.

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How to use a Grindstone to disenchant items in Minecraft

The only way to disenchant an item is by using a Grindstone. These blocks can be found natively in villages, with it being a job block for Blacksmith Villagers, or you can craft one with two Sticks, one Stone Slab, and two Wooden Planks of any kind. The crafting recipe is performed by putting Sticks in the top left and top right slots, the Stone Slab in the top middle, and the Planks in the middle left and middle right boxes.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now that you have the Grindstone, place it somewhere in your home. When you interact with it, the below table will appear.

To disenchant an item, all you need to do is place an item in the top slot. This will, in turn, show you the item with no enchantments to the right and drop experience orbs on the ground when you move it to your inventory.

Grindstones can also be used to repair items by placing two items of the same make in the two slots. This will essentially combine the two items into one, increasing the item’s durability and taking away any enchantments like before. If you are looking to repair an item without removing its enchantments, you need to use an Anvil, which will cost you experience. Grindstones are used more for their experience gaining uses by using extra enchanted items you have built up in your inventory, and the repair function is a bonus functionality.