How to dive in Horizon Forbidden West

There’s much more below the surface.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The world of Horizon Forbidden West is vast. Aloy has a lot of ground to cover, and even if you spend dozens of hours exploring, you’ll still likely miss something in an out-of-the-way location. For example, it’s easy to miss the underwater caves that hide just below the water’s surface. This guide explains how to dive in Horizon Forbidden West, so you never miss a thing.

How to dive underwater

Screenshot by Gamepur

To dive, you need to walk into a body of water, a lake, or a river and swim out into it. Then, once Aloy is swimming, press the square button to dive beneath the surface. This allows you to see what’s under the water much more clearly. If there’s a cave to one side, then you’ll probably be able to see the bioluminescence of the creatures that dwell within it.

Once you’re underwater, you can move around freely with Aloy. However, you need to keep an eye on Aloy’s oxygen meter. If it empties, Aloy will drown, and you’ll need to restart from your last checkpoint. Make sure that you’re swimming up for air regularly by pressing and holding the cross button. Aloy recovers her breath quite quickly, so you won’t need to spend too long on the surface before diving back down to locate more hidden treasures.