How to do a barrel roll in a car in Saints Row

Try spinning, that’s a good trick.

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Performing a barrel roll in a vehicle is extremely tough in Saints Row. You can only do this successfully by flying through the air and spinning. A car can’t naturally do this, and the landing is typically rough. There are a few ways you can go about landing this trick and completing vehicle challenges in Saints Row. Here’s what you need to know about how to do a barrel roll in cars in Saints Row.

How barrel rolls work for cars in Saints Row

Barrel rolls are complicated because you usually won’t be able to do them with a base car. The trick is to launch them off ramps, and this requires a bit of speed to accomplish. We recommend taking them back to your garage and upgrading them. You can upgrade cars when you reach levels 5, 10, and 15. If there’s a vehicle you want to do a barrel roll with, we make sure to upgrade it at least by one level, potentially two, if you require more of a speed boost. In addition to these upgrades, make sure to add Nitrous to them. Nitrous is a great way to boost short speed, especially suitable before a ramp.

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Now, when you’re trying to find a ramp, the best ones will appear in the Badlands. You can find them all over these regions outside of Santo Ileso. You can find natural ones with sharp ledges that, with enough speed, you can launch your vehicle into the air. There are also constructed ones that were likely made for the Dustlander game, but of these two, we prefer to use any natural ones we find while exploring the Badlands.

Once you find one you like, create some distance between you and it, and speed up towards it. At some point, you want to hit the Nitrous on your vehicle, but stop using it when you reach the ramp. Hopefully, when you launch into the air, your vehicle starts to dip to one side at an angle, and now when you attempt to turn your car while holding down the handbrake, it will dip into a roll, allowing you to perform a barrel roll. If you prefer the constructed ramps you find in Saints Row, make sure to have one wheel on the side of the ramp when you go over it to create a similar angle in the air. The handbrake is key, though.

You can repeat this process multiple times to complete the barrel roll challenges for vehicles in the game. This will unlock the Jump signature ability.