How to do A Friend in Need achievement in Minecraft Dungeons

Don’t go alone, take this!

Minecraft Dungeons Release

Image via Mojang

The artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons work like spells. They allow you to use various powers that come with a long cooldown, but these powers can mean the difference between surviving an encounter and having to lose a life. Some of the artifacts allow you to summon various pets in the game. There’s an achievement called A Friend in Need where you need to have summoned the Wolf, Llama, and the Iron Golem at least once.

All of them revolve around you acquiring artifacts. These are the artifacts for each of the summons:

  • A Tasty Bone – Wolf
  • Wonderful Wheat – Llama
  • Golem Kit – Iron Golem

Of the artifacts you need to acquire to complete this achievement, the Iron Golem is likely the hardest to find. The tasty bone and wonderful wheat available in extremely early missions in the game. You should see the tasty bone artifact within the first few missions, and the wonderful wheat is available mid-way through the game. The golem kit is more difficult to find, likely because of how mighty the Iron Golem is as a companion.

All you have to do is equip them and summon the creature to you at least once. After you have summoned all three of them at least once in a play-through with a hero, you should complete the achievement and see it on your profile.