How to do a hip check in NHL 22

Use the hip.

Image via EA Sports

In NHL 22, there are two kinds of hits you will want to familiarize yourself with: body checks and hip checks. A hip check differs from a traditional body check, and here’s how. With a hip check, the player attempts to take down the target with the hip, as opposed to using the weight and parts of the whole body in order to shake the puck loose off the carrier. Hip checks, as compared to a body check, utilize a different set of controls in NHL 22. What are those controls exactly? Let’s go over the inputs for both the Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

To do a hip check, you will need either the right stick on Xbox, or the right analog stick for PlayStation. This is pretty similar to a body check, but with one key difference. Rather than shifting the stick in a particular direction, you will want to click it down. Then, press LB (for Xbox) or L1 (for PlayStation).

That’s all you will need in order to do a hip check in NHL 22. The controls are rather simple, once you get the hang of the combo. And much like with traditional body checks, make sure that you use these checks in a responsible manner. Otherwise, you could be looking at a potential breakout or odd-man rush, and be in trouble defensively.