How to do a Nitrous boost in Need for Speed Unbound

Talk about a speed boost.

Image via EA

A key component of Need of Speed Unbound’s gameplay is what is known as a Nitrous boost. Nitrous, simply put, are boosts that allow drivers to get speed boosts. Between jetting past opposing races or darting away from the cops, these Nitrous boosts will almost certainly come in handy throughout the story mode of Unbound. So, how can you do a Nitrous boost in Need for Speed Unbound? Let’s take a look at what you will need to know.

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How to activate Nitrous boost in Need for Speed Unbound

Doing a Nitrous boost in Need for Speed Unbound is relatively simple. You will have to press and hold either A (for Xbox) or X (for PlayStation) to get that added boost in Lakeshore City. Keep in mind that this applies to both Nitrous and Burst Nitrous boosts.

While that sounds simple, it’s important to note that Nitrous boosts are temporary. This is because there is a meter that can be found at the bottom of the screen, right next to the speed and gear gauge. This meter indicates how much Nitrous fuel is available at a given time.

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How to refill Nitrous fuel meter

If you’re looking to refill the meter, here’s what you need to know. Jumps, near misses, drifts, and trading paint all help refuel the Nitrous meter. Attempting to do any of the following and succeeding will go a long way towards filling up the meter again and receiving some much-needed boosts for later on in races.