How to do a perfect dodge in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

Get out of the way.

The combat in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is fast, and you need quick reflexes to make sure you’re able to perform all of your character’s attacks and abilities in a timely fashion. A critical move to master the is the dodge. You can use this to avoid attacks and make sure you don’t take any damage. If you do this correctly, you’ll be able to perform a perfect dodge. When this happens, your character can use their counter ability.

The trick to performing a perfect dodge is to wait for the exact moment the enemy’s attack is about to hit your character. You want to face away from the attack and then dodge out of the way, clicking the dodge button on the lower left section of your phone. You can dodge an attack, taking no damage, and still have it not be perfect. A perfect dodge triggers when the dodge and impact of the attack are mere seconds away from each other. You’ll know a perfect dodge happens when you see the counter icon appear next to your character’s abilities, and time slows down for just a few seconds.

You cannot perform a perfect dodge immediately after another one. The ability goes on a bit of a cooldown, so you’ll need to wait to use it again during a fight. When battling in Operation X, you can expect to use it fairly often if you receive a buff that lowers this cooldown. A perfect dodge is extremely useful to increase your character’s stats for a short period of time, and the counter is fairly powerful.