How to do a slip deke in NHL 22

Slip past the D.

Image from EA

In NHL 21, EA Sports added a number of new dekes move, including the Michigan and the slip deke. Although EA has transitioned the NHL franchise from the Ignite engine since then, NHL 22 does once feature the slip deke. This kind of move can be pretty helpful in a pinch, so you might want to keep it in mind while out on the ice. How do you perform the slip deke in NHL 22? Let’s go over the steps.

The controls for the slip deke are pretty simple. To do a slip deke, the puck carrier has to be right next to or near either the left or right board. Once you have the puck by the boards, all you will have to do is press either LB for Xbox, or L1 for PlayStation.

Slip dekes might seem simple and bland, but these moves can serve a purpose. This kind of move can fake out a player that is controlling either a backcheck forward or defender, and might not be expecting this kind of play. Additionally, it can also be used as a tool to try to break into the offensive zone by attempting to squeeze through against a well-positioned defender.