How to do finishers in RetroMania Wrestling

Take your offense to the next level with some gnarly finishing moves.

Image via RetroMania Wrestling

RetroMania Wrestling is the official sequel to Wrestlefest. The new arcade brawler from Retrosoft features several classic and current wrestlers from all over the indie scene. Most notably, they’ve brought in names like the Road Warriors, Tommy Dreamer, and Johnny Retro (John Morrison for you WWE fans). Of course, with all of those big-name acts, they had to bring over all the finishing moves the wrestlers are known for.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t really spell out how to do finishers. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a quick guide to teach how to do the Dreamer Drive, Starship Pain, and all the others.

The first thing to note is that you need a full grapple meter to hit your finish. If you try to use it beforehand, it’ll just give you a generic move instead. We’ve put together a guide for building up that meter, but essentially you just need to hit moves and taunt until the meter starts to flash.

Image via RetroMania Wrestling

Once that happens, it’s just a matter of putting in the correct input. Every single finish asks you to use some combination of your wrestler’s strong attacks. On Nintendo and Xbox, strong attack is mapped to the “B” button, while on PlayStation, it’s on Square.

For most of the wrestlers, the input is dead simple. You just push your thumbstick right and hit the strong grapple. That covers half of the sixteen wrestlers in the game. For the others, things get a bit more complicated, but you should still be able to pull them off with relative ease. The only one we’ve had trouble with is Nick Aldis’ Kingslynn Cloverleaf. Getting the CPU to lay down vertically feels a bit random, but it’s still doable. Check out the full list of finishers below.

  • Hawk – Backbreaker – Right + Strong Grapple
  • Animal – Running Powerslam – Right + Strong Grapple
  • Nick Aldis – Kingslynn Cloverleaf – Strong near opponent’s feet when they’re vertical
  • Tommy Dreamer – Dreamer Drive – Right + Strong Grapple
  • Colt Cabana – Colt 45 – Right + Strong Grapple
  • Johnny Retro – Starship Pain – Corner Strong Grapple
  • Matt Cardona – Radio Silence – Strong while running at the opponent
  • Brian Myers – Heat Seeking Elbow – Top Rope Strong
  • Blue Meanie – Meaniesault – Top Rope Strong
  • Stevie Cool – Stevie Kick – Right + Strong Grapple
  • Hollywood Nova – Kryptonite Krunch – Right + Strong Grapple
  • Nikita Koloff – Russian Sickle – Strong against a running opponent
  • Jeff Cobb – Strong against a running opponent
  • Zack Sabre Jr. – Standing Kimura Lock – Right + Strong Grapple
  • Warhorse – Double Foot Stomp – Corner Strong Grapple
  • Austin Idol – Tombstone Piledriver – Right + Strong Grapple