How to do Nightmare Missions in Warframe

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Nightmare Missions are versions of standard missions with enhanced difficulty and modifiers. Players can complete them to earn special Nightmare Mods, which are dual stat mods that can be quite powerful in the correct builds. Nightmare Missions will rotate between nodes, and will only become available on planets where every node has been completed.

How to play Nightmare Mode missions

When all nodes on a planet have been unlocked, a randomly selected node will offer a Nightmare Mission. The symbol for the Nightmare Mission will appear as a white swirl on a red background, as shown in the image above. If you hover over the node, you will get a description of the missions type, Nightmare modifiers, and level of the mission.

Clicking on the node will give you the option to play either the Nightmare Mission, the standard mission, or any other variant mission that is active on the node, such as Invasions.

Enemies in Nightmare missions will have increased health, damage output, and levels. You will not be able to use Ciphers to hack, although Parazon hacking mods can still work.

Nightmare Modifiers

  • Death Detonation – Enemies explode upon death, causing damage.
  • Energy Drain – Players will lose 15 points of energy every second.
  • Health Vampire – Players lose 1.5% of health a second, but gain 2.5% of health for every kill
  • Low Gravity – Gravity is reduced.
  • No Shields – Players have no shields. Warframes like Nidus and Inaros are ideal for these missions.
  • Timer – Mission time is limited to five minutes, but five seconds is added to the timer for each enemy killed.

Nightmare Rewards

The following mods can be obtained are rewards from Nightmare missions.

  • Accelerated Blast
  • Animal Instinct
  • Armored Agility
  • Blaze
  • Chilling Reload
  • Constitution
  • Drifting Contact
  • Focus Energy
  • Fortitude
  • Hammer Shot
  • Ice Storm
  • Lethal Torrent
  • Rending Strike
  • Seeking Fury
  • Shred
  • Streamlined Form
  • Stunning Speed
  • Vigor
  • Wildfire