How to Do Precision Evades in Jedi: Fallen Order


You need to treat a precision evade similar to parry in Jedi: Fallen Order. You’re going to use it to get out of the way and avoid damage from an enemy, but you need to do it correctly to prevent the damage.

When you’re doing a parry, you want to block the attack right when it’s about to hit Cal. When it comes to properly evading and doing a dodge, you need to get him out of the way right before the attack hits him.

To do the evade, you want to hit the dodge button on your controller when you see the melee attack coming at Cal. For the Xbox One controllers, it’s the “B” button, and for those using a PlayStation 4 controller, it’s the “O” button. Hitting it at the correct time is going to take some practice, and Cal is going to take some damage the first few times you try it out.

You’ll know you’re doing it correctly when you hear the small whoosh of air, and Cal successfully dodges out of the way of the enemy’s attack. Later on in the game, you can gain the ability to have time slow down after successfully evading. You can get this passive ability from the skill tree in the “Force” section on the right. It’s called Precision Evade. If you complete 50 Precision Evades during the game, you’re going to gain the achievement Can’t Touch This.

Practicing on a lower difficulty helps you learn the timing of enemy attacks. However, as you increase the difficulty, you’re going to notice the window to dodge attacks is significantly smaller, which is the same for doing a parry.