Super Smash Bros Ultimate: The Short Hop Guide

 Super Smash Bros Ultimate: The Short Hop Guide

Long-time Super Smash Bros. titles players surely know the short hop technique. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the method to realize this technique has changed compared to the previous games in the series. In this guide, we explain how to make a short hop playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for both new and long-time players.

How To Perform Shot Hop

How To Do Short Hop In Super Mash Bro Ultimate

Realizing a short hop is pretty easy: all you have to do is pressing two buttons at once. So why would players so badly know about it? The answer is even easier because according to the official Smash Bros. website, this is one of the advanced techniques the game offers the player to master.

To tell precisely, this short hop technique is used to get out of tricky situations as it is not a high jump, it will stop you for a very short time (short jump, a short time – got it?) and you can also surprise an advancing opponent.

To realize it, all you have to do is press the jump and attack buttons at the same time (the X and the A buttons if you’re still on default settings). Easy right?

How To Do Directional Air Dodge And Perfect Shield

If you want to know which the other advanced techniques are, here’s a list for you.

  • Directional Air Dodge (to allow characters to avoid incoming attacks mid-jump).
  • Perfect Shield (a parry move that stops aggressive opponents).

Are you ready for the fight?