How to do the Forgotten Chapel quest in Outriders

Find all of the keystones.

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A majority of the quests and objectives in Outriders are straightforward. There are extremely few puzzles that you encounter during the game. Most of what you’re doing is surviving the hordes of enemies the game is throwing at you, trying to increase your world tier enough to acquire the best loot. When you reach the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk, there’s a quest there called Forgotten Chapel that is easy to miss. There’s a bit of setup you have to do before you unlock it.

How to start the Forgotten Chapel quest

The Forgotten Chapel quest takes place in the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk. Make sure you have access to this portion of the map before thinking about this quest. Once you’ve reached this area, you need to make your way through the rest of the campaign story that occurs in this area and make your way to The Monolith. After you’ve done that, you now need to find three keystones that your character can interact with.

The first keystone is in the Canyon Entrance area of the map, to the left of the camp entrance.

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The second keystone is in the Canyon Entrance area of the map, on the path to the right side, before you enter the Pillaged Crypts region.

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After you’ve interacted with those two keystones, make your way back to The Monolith part of the map, and go all the way into the back. There will be the third and final keystone that you have to interact with. We know interacting with this keystone unlocks the Forgotten Chapel quest.

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How to find the Forgotten Chapel

Now that you have the Forgotten Chapel quest in your quest map, make your way over to the Cliffside Path area of the map, and the entrance should be right before you return to the Ruined Altar. It’s a large door with three glowing symbols on the entrance. There will be a node to the right of the door that you can interact with that unlocks the entrance.

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Once you’re inside, there’s a loot box that rewards you with a legendary weapon, and that’s the end of the quest.