How to download and share MyLeagues in NBA 2K21

Take advantage of this year’s most underrated feature.

Some features in games make a major impact – enough to warrant a new yearly edition. MyLeague Share in NBA 2K21 is certainly an example of this. In its predecessors, users would download rosters that, for instance, turned all NBA players into college players. Users would then have to create the proper college uniforms and logos for each team to get their desired experience, a process that would take hours. With this new feature, you can now skip that procedure and download MyLeagues that already have these uniforms and logos. Here is how you can do this.

How to download another user’s MyLeague

To download and share MyLeagues, you will need an internet connection to access this feature. Hover over the “MyLeague” option and press triangle on PlayStation, or Y on Xbox. Then, select the “New MyLeague” option with the same button. This will prompt all of the most popular shares so far.

If you’re looking for a particular MyLeague, press triangle or Y again, and you’ll be able to search by either the creator or league name.

How to share MyLeagues

Once you are in the MyLeague you want to share, scroll right to “Options” in the mode’s main menu. You will discover the ‘Share Save’ option on the far right part of the screen. You will then be able to name and upload your MyLeague to the 2K servers. However, they can only be downloaded by other users with the same console as yours.

By doing this, others will have their own version of your MyLeague, which will include all of the players, logos, and jerseys that you have put in the save.