How to download and play Crucible

Get ready to play Crucible.

Image via Relentless Studios

Crucible is Amazon’s first jump into the video game media. The game will consist of PvEvP matches, allowing players to choose from three different modes, with up to 10 available Hunters for players to choose, each using a variety of unique abilities and weapons in combat. Because this is an Amazon game, not everyone knows where to go to download the game or when it will release.

Foremost, Crucible will launch on PC through Steam on May 20. The game will drop at 12:00pm PST, and be available to everyone around the world. To ensure you are ready to start playing once it launches, you can wishlist Crucible on Steam and have it ready to start downloading to your hardware. At this time, Crucible is not releasing to other devices, such as the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The game is a PC exclusive, so don’t expect a console release sometime in the future.

Once you have Crucible wishlisted for your account on Steam, you will receive a notification of when it will become available. It is a free-to-play game, so no one needs to reserve a copy, sign-up for a pre-order to gain access to it, and there’s no way to enter the game at an earlier time. Everyone will be allowed to play Crucible at the same time. It’s a team-based action shooter, so you can expect to have plenty of friends to come with you when you first join the game. 

Additional game modes and Hunters will likely arrive to the title sometime in the future. First, the community has to try out Crucible for themselves to see how well it holds up. Then Amazon will have to accept community feedback and release additional patches to provide initial balances among the game modes and Hunters. There’s no set roadmap to Crucible right now about when we can expect major content updates, or if any weekly events will be available.