How to download Mafia: Definitive Edition on PS4 if you own Mafia: Trilogy

Where the only game being played is hide-and-seek.

For many PlayStation 4 owners who bought Mafia: Trilogy, they are currently left with two-thirds of what they purchased. Even though Mafia: Definitive Edition is out, Trilogy owners are still spotting a price tag on the remake’s listing. However, some of its rightful owners are starting to find a loophole around this, and it’s certainly an odd one.

Where to find Mafia: Definitive Edition on PS4?

Currently, the PlayStation Store is only advertising a version of Mafia: Definitive Edition for those without the Trilogy. But, believe it or not, those who own the Trilogy can still find it on the digital store – as it tucked away where most cannot find it.

Instead of seeing it with other Mafia-related content, you’ll have to click on the Search option in the top center of the store menu and type in “Mafia.” After that, scroll all the way down the search results, and your free copy should be the last listed (yes, even past the gangster movies). Once you click on the title, you will be prompted to download it at no additional charge.

From here, everything else should run smoothly. The game is no different than the one advertised, but at least you won’t have to pay for something you already own. Chances are, PlayStation forgot to allow Trilogy owners free access to the remake’s listing on the home page.