How to download the Smite Public Test Server on Steam

Try out content before it officially launches.

Image via Hi-Rez

For Smite players who want to try out some of the new content before it officially releases to the main game, you can jump into the Public Test Server. Not everything on there will be making its way to the main game, at least, not entirely in the same way. Some items might receive a handful of adjustments and changes based on player feedback. Items constantly receive changes as new gods and items are introduced throughout each season, but it’s a good idea to try something new if you’re eager to test things out.

To download the Public Test Server on Steam, double-check you have your Smite game already downloaded on your profile. All you have to do is go to the Smite primary store page, download the game for free, and make sure it’s on your main account. Once you have that download associated with your account, you should have access to the public test server, but you still need to download it.

You have to find it in your Steam library. Swap over to the Library tab in your Steam interface, and click on the small play button to show all of the available games you can install through Steam. You want to make sure you can see all of your games. After you’ve done that, scroll down to the Smite tab, and right under it, you should be able to see a game called Smite – Public Test. This download requires at least 22.78 GB of free space on your hard drive. It’ll take a bit to download, and how long that takes varies on your internet connection.

After it finishes downloading, you can launch the public test server at any time by click on the Smite – Public Test game from your Steam library or on your desktop. It’ll look like your starting your standard Smite game, but there will be several changes that have not arrived in the main game when you load into the game.