How to download the Steam version of Apex Legends

Preload until season 7 launches or download after its live.

Apex for Steam

One of the most anticipated features of Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension for PC gamers is that the game is coming to the well-loved launcher: Steam. Since launch, if players wanted to play on PC, their only option was Origin, which is glitchy, hard to set your online status, and often just stops working. For those that want to jump ship: Now is the time.

The Apex Legends download for Steam just went live. You can now preload the game on your PC and dive into Season 7 as soon as it launches. To do this, all you need to do is go to the Steam page for Apex Legends, scroll down to Preload Apex Legends, and click through to add it to your launcher.

Image via Steam

If you don’t have Steam yet, you will have to download the launcher before you continue. Then open the launcher and make sure it’s downloading.

The download is 31.4 GB, and there is cross-progression between Origin and Steam, so you can pick up where you left off once the new season goes live with the same Apex Legends in-game username. All of your unlocks and cosmetics will be there, along with three brand-new gun charms inspired by Portal and Half-Life, featuring Octane and Wattson.

Image via Steam

If Season 7 is already live, you can download Apex Legends from the same link. It will be the same size, only the button will say ‘Download’, and the game will already be playable once the download is complete.