How to drift in Star Wars: Squadrons

Learn how to quickly turn your spacecraft.

How to drift in Star Wars: Squadrons

Image via EA

Learning the controls of your spacecraft is one of the key elements in Star Wars: Squadrons, although it takes a lot of time and practice to master it. While it’s a long journey until you become one of the best pilots in-game, there are certain skills you should acquire to make your journey quite easier. One of them is drifting.

Drifting helps you in making sharp and precise turns quickly. To drift in Star Wars: Squadrons, you need to utilize the boost function. But before that, you need to ensure that the power is diverted to your engines. You can do that by simply pressing left on the D-pad on your gamepad.

Alternatively, if you are using a keyboard and mouse or HOTAS, you can do so by pressing the Spacebar key or JOY 9 button, respectively. Once you have power diverted to your engines, all you need to do is boost and look in the direction you want to drift. Your spacecraft will quickly move in the direction you are looking towards.

Drifting is very important for proper ship handling. Not only does it help in maneuvering your spacecraft in tight spots, but it can let you gain advantage over your enemy if you use it tactically.