How to drop and hide items and weapons in Hitman 3

You can’t bring them everywhere.

Hitman 3

Image via IO Interactive

While Agent 47’s assorted tools and improvised weapons are the calling card of a professional hitman, you can’t bring them with you everywhere you go in Hitman 3. Sometimes, to get into certain area of the missions and locations, you will need to allow yourself to be frisked. This is most common when you are diguised as someone else.

You cannot allow yourself to be frisked if you are carrying anything that could be considered lethal, so you will need to put them somewhere that you can retrieve them from later. To do this, find a nice secluded spot and then cycle through your Invetory, hitting the Z button on PC, the triangle button on Playstation, or the Y button on Xbox.

This will cause you to drop the item or weapon, but it will still be out in the open, so you want to pick a very secluded spot to do this. It is also a good idea not to leave your weapons close to any bodies, as those bodies might be found, and if a search is ongoing in the area you may find it difficult to get back to your items.

Another great spot to hide your weapons is in trashcans. The old faithful for spies or assassins who need to ditch something they cannot get caught with. All you need to do to take advatange of this is have the item in your head, then press the same buttons as listed above when you are beside the trashcan.